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XG is a team of highly skilled and experienced wireless professionals

Our in-house, subject matter industry experts include professional engineering, 

project management, GIS specialists, electrical engineering and construction


We are constantly looking for innovation opportunities and ways to create new models that will drive new industry standards.

John Clarey
Founder & CEO

Our team knows what it takes to get things done


XG has created an innovative approach to solving the myriad problems associated with the deployment of 5G networks, shaping a path for networks to thrive and grow as people and businesses devise innovation.

Yvonne Robinson
Chief Operating Officer

Being in a position to work daily with both carrier and city representatives gives our team a real advantage in providing effective design solutions that check off all the boxes. If you combine that with our in-house expertise, the recipe bakes itself - XG provides only the highest quality AND most-efficient deliverables to our customers.

Alireza Mashhadi Ali, P.E.

Director of Engineering

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