5G with XG

XG Inc. is changing the way 5G is deployed. We have created a new set of rules, by working alongside the Carrier and Municipality to create a mutually beneficial partnership with all parties working toward the same common goal set. Educating, training, and providing solutions in order to demystify and accelerate the process, with collaboration and teamwork as the centerpiece. 

We have built a team of intelligent leaders and industry experts, that operate with military precision in order to deliver best in class results. We have deployed over a thousand small cells across the nation.


XG Inc. is a wireless infrastructure company which offers site acquisition, A&E and turnkey construction for wireless service providers nationwide. The company is headquartered in the beautiful coastal city of Newport Beach California, with offices in St. Louis, MO,  Fresno, CA, and West Palm Beach, FL.

We specialize in network development on behalf of carriers nationwide. XG has received industry kudos as a disruptive and innovative supplier, turning heads and changing expectations of what can be done. Services include surveying, site acquisition, engineering, design and construction, to full operations and maintenance.




XG creates an environment that encourages

  continuous improvement and the joy for

life & giving




The secret to living is giving.


As part of our community, the XG family is enthusiastic to contribute in different ways and create a positive impact in our communities and the environment.


In many ways, XG employees give back by serving as board members for local schools or non-profit organizations, raising funds for a variety of causes and practicing everyday good habits to protect the environment. It is a win for everyone.


4675 MacArthur Court, Suite 1150.

Newport Beach, CA 92657


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